Note: This is the completed version of the song, to see the First Version Click Here.

"Won't let a little rain get in my way (Reprise)" is a song featured in the episode "Storm E. Sky's Arrive" of the We're Lalaloopsy series, it was sung by Storm E. Sky as a form to say "We are staying" to the lalas.


[Storm E.]: (Talking) Is this thing on?!

[Storm E.]
Woke up this morning,
with something to say.

Almost packed my things,
and got on my way (Yeah).

But then a voice inside said:
"Maybe I should stay,
not let a little rain get in my way".

You showed me what friendship could bring. (Chorus: Whoa, Oh, Oh)
When I was lost,
you knew just the thing.

From your art to your style,
and your awesome bling,
I just needed the right song to sing.
And no amount of rain can take me away.

[Storm E.]: (Talking) Yes, we're staying.