Whispy Sugar Puff is Lalaloopsy Land's littlest cotton candy enthusiast! She is light and airy and so sticky sweet. Sometimes she's so light on her feet that a small breeze can lift her off the ground, but she always comes back down with a big sweet smile. She is the little sister of Whimsy Sugar Puff. Her name is based off of whispy cotton candy, that is sugary and puffy.

About Whispy


Whispy has dark skin with light pink cheeks, pink curled bangs with a pink cotton candy bun, and a blue cotton candy bun, both held by dark pink bows. She is the first lalaloopsy to ever have that hairstyle. She has a pink ruffly collar and a white and pink striped tank top. She wears a pink and blue skirt with dark pink elastic. She has light pink shoes with a dark pink top and cotton candy puff.


Whispy's pet is a light pink lamb with tiny black eyes, bright pink cotton candy wool, and a blue cone atop its head. It looks different than other littles pet lambs.


  • December 7th is National Cotton Candy Day.
  • Whispy is the only little to be released before the big sister.
  • Whispy's pet lamb is different from other Littles' pet lambs because other lambs are seen with a bow on their head with a curl on the top. Their eyes are also made out of buttons and their eyes aren't so far down. Whispy's has a blue cone instead of a bow. Also, her lamb's eyes are very far down and not made out of buttons.
  • She is the first Little with her own unique hairstyle, but her bangs are the same as Breeze E. Sky's.
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