"Where could my cookie be?" is a song featured in the episode "Don't Give Mouse a Cookie" of the We're Lalaloopsy series, it was sung by Spot Splatter Splash in Ace's Garage.


They say "that's how the cookie crumbles",
but i refuse to let you go,
there's no way to stop what we already know.

Chip or Lady Finger,
your crumbs they still linger,
on my mind.

Cookie, you are just my kind.
I can't let you go so easy,
i will never let you down.

I'll miss you hear,
so warm and golden brown.
But i'm ready so come 'on,
Lets go!.

We got to show what we can be,
And i, i can't lose you cookie.

I know i should move on,
But i must know where she has gone.
Hopelessly looking for cookie,
Where could my cookie Be?!

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