Context : This song is sung in Season 1 Episode 11 - Storm E. Sings Up A Storm. from the Netflix Series.

The song was by Storm E. sung as Jewel opened the jar containing the song. 

Where Do I Fit In? (Lyrics) :

Lyrics :

(Guitar Sounds as Storm E. closes in Crumb's Cafe)

Storm E.: That guitar sounds familiar.

Everyone thinks that I'm sarcastic and dry.

But deep inside well I've really just tried.

I've traveled far and wide.

But for all the places I've been.

I just don't know where I fit in?


Where do I fit in?

Will I ever find a home?

Where do I belong now?

When I met so many people,

But there's nobody to tell.

But sometimes I stll feel so alone.

--- SONG ENDS ---

We're Lalaloopsy - Where Do I Fit In?01:00

We're Lalaloopsy - Where Do I Fit In?

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