"Where Do I Fit In?" is a song featured in the episode "Storm E. Sings Up a Storm of the We're Lalaloopsy series.

It was sung by Storm E. Sky but accidentally was recorded with Dot's gramophone in a jar, later Jewel opened the jar containing the song.


[Guitar Sounds as Storm E. closes in Crumb's Cafe]

[Storm E.]: (Talking) That guitar sounds familiar.

[Storm E.]
Everyone thinks that I'm sarcastic and dry.
But deep inside well, I'm really just shy.

I've traveled far and wide.
But for all the places I've been.
I just don't know where I fit in

Where do I fit in? (I fit in?),
will I ever find a home? (find a home?),
where do I belong now? (I belong now?).

When I met so many people,
but there's nobody to tell.
that sometimes I stll feel so alone.

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