Okay so I was Goodwill hunting the past day. At one store I found a Mittens with only some shoes. I looked in the stuff animals, and some how I manged to pull out a Pickles BLT, so I thought. She was missing a shoe, but I couldn't find it. After a long day of collecting another unrelated items, I had to clean "Pickles" because the owner before hand deiced to drawn probably black Sharpie on her. It was a pain to get out. It is still one. I looked closer that her. A thought came to my mind "Does Pickles have orange hair?" Earlier I saw the birthday, and remembered it. I thought I could have Dyna Might.. I check on here. To my surprise it was her. I am still upset the orignal owner put her in Pickle's clothes. I am also pretty sure that Mittens has water in her head. What do I do about that?

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