these are actually kinda cute now ive gotten a better look at them

dotty has a picnic basket something else and something else and her pet is a poodle just like cloud e ( this means they have the mold for cloud es pet so maybe we can expect a mini cloud e soon? ) 

tinny has cookies some sort of funnel and um?? a bag? and her pet is a monkey i think

baley has a bag tied onto a stick a pumpkin seat ( in lalaloopsy the sewing thingys are chairs n cushions right ) and her pets are two crows

i thought her hair was like rosys hair and im really disapointed that its not 

kittys things are a book a cape and some sort of bag and her pet is a mouse i think

i love her lil lion hoodthingy but i dont like the rest of her outfit oh dear

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