Hello, everyone. This is a message to the admins about a misbehaving user called QueenCupcake435. I've heard that she's been spamming the comment sections of this wiki and being very immature. She's also very opinionated and hates lots of things, even if they aren't Lalaloopsy-related. She keeps threatening to ban some users on this wiki who haven't done anything wrong. She thinks that you can be banned from the wiki if you're too old, but that isn't true. Of course, they can ban you for being too young (12 or under) but they won't ban you for being too old (59 or over). She'd be more likely to be banned since she acts like an immature brat and keeps spamming. All she ever does is spam, vandalize, and necropost. She doesn't seem to learn her lesson, and I don't think three months is enough. I think she needs to be blocked for about a few more months, or even a year. Maybe it should show her the way she's acting, and hopefully she'll learn her lesson.

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