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Tippy Tumblelina
Tippy tumbelina
Sewn on February 2nd
Sewn from A Ballerina's Tutu
Pet Swan

Animation - Merchandise

Tippy Tumblelina  is the most talented ballerina in all of Lalaloopsy Land. She's a girly girl, who loves being on stage... even though she falls off it every once in awhile. She is exceedingly graceful and loves putting on recitals for all her friends. Tippy is the older sister of little Twisty Tumblelina. Her name is based off of her unique way of walking - on her tippy toes! As well as her constant tumbling she includes in her dance act!

About Tippy


Tippy pattern
Tippy is a fair-skinned girl with black button eyes and bright pastel pink cheeks. Tippy's hair is a pinkish red. She has straight cut bangs and long hair pulled up on her head, like strand pigtails, held with two small, pink ribbons. By her eyes are two small red stars which are most likely makeup or tattoo based art.

Tippy wears a silky, fancy ballerina dress consisting of a reddish-orange top with orange and white coloring and very small red bows at her chest. Her skirt is very silky and pink in many layers with purple lining and a very thin light yellow part below it. Tippy also has on pale pink pantyhose and magenta ballerina slippers with bright yellow ribbons that wrap around her legs.


Tippy's pet is a beautiful white swan. It has lashed button eyes and a small yellow-orange beak. She has a tuft of hair on the top of her head, held back with a pink bow.


Tippy lives in a house that resembles a stage. There are tickets forming a pathway to her house.


  • February 2nd is "Two-Two, or Tutu".
  • Tippy was introduced along with Blossom Flowerpot.
  • Her pet Swan is most likely based on the ballet "Swan Lake" in which a beautiful swan who loved to dance was originally a human girl turned into a swan from a curse.

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