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Tinny Ticker
Tinny Ticker doll - mini
Sewn on January 19th
Sewn from A Tin Can
Pet Wind-Up Monkey

Tinny Ticker is Lalaloopsy Land's most tin-tastic resident! She's not afraid to express her feelings. She loves baking heart-shaped cookies and wrapping them in tin foil. She loves playing outdoors, but doesn't like getting caught in the rain. Her name is based off of the classic fictional character, Tin Man, who cherishes having a heart more than anything - which is sometimes called a ticker!

About Tinny


Tinny is a metal skinned girl with basic black eyes and pink cheeks. She has pigtail hair and straight cut bangs, worn with a tin hat that resembles a funnel, or oil can.

Tinny wears a plain, metal sheet-like dress with a red heart at the corner of her chest, puff sleeves, and a belt.


Tinny's pet is a metal monkey with black eyes and small, pink cheeks. It has a wind up key in its back and wears a strainer on its head.



  • January 19th is Tin Can Day.

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