The Timber Rangers
S2 E16 on alert


Eight Legged Friend


Forest Evergreen
Scribbles Splash
Trinket Sparkles
Specs Reads-a-Lot

The Timber Rangers is a Girl Scout/Boy Scout like group that do things like go camping and take hike. It apparently is for Littles only.

They don't sell cookies/popcorn like Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, and they don't earn badges. Basically it is a Girl/Boy Scout group but with a male leader and female members. They only appear in Eight Legged Friend.



In Eight Legged Friend, they take a camping trip in the woods, and Forest teaches them how to survive. He insists that they must do everything by the book. They draw a bunch of Xs everywhere so they don't get lost, but Trinket leaves a trail of beads. She has also found a campsite.

Forest shows them the correct way to eat trail mix, but Trinket has cooked up a scrumptious meal of meatloaf.

Next, Specs tells the story of the Messy Mossy Mud Mutt. tbc