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When his beaver gets a little carried away with carving the tool shed, Forest Evergreen needs to build a new one. He finds perfect trees, but before he can cut them down, his friends thwart his plans. Forest can now not be able to find way to repair the shack.


Today is the perfect day to go tree tapping! As Forest goes to grab his equipment from the shed outside his house Beaver decides to carve it once Forest runs off to go tapping. Shortly after carving the wooden shed, it crumbles and falls apart. Now in disarray, Forest changes his plans for the day and decides to chop down a tree in Lalaloopsy Land to gather enough lumber to rebuild the shed. 

Forest and Beaver stumble across a perfectly tall and sturdy tree that Blossom and Butterfly are busy planting flowers not too far away from. As Forest readies Beaver to saw down the tree Blossom runs over to stop him. She pulls out a scrapbook and educates Forest about all the memories she's had in growing the tree since it was a sapling. Honoring Blossom's wish, Forest spares the tree for his friend.

Finding a second tree, Forest and Beaver get ready to chop it down. Only this time, Bea is using the tree as a perch for the local birds as she conducts their singing. She informs Forest that the birds favor this tree over any other and that he should not destroy it. Forest respects her wish and spares this tree as well. 

Lastly, Forest comes across a third tree. As he is about ready to chop it down, a voice shouts at him to stop. He questions if the tree is speaking to him in which Beaver slaps him with his tail and points at Peanut who is riding her unicycle on a highwire tied to the tree in question. Forest reluctantly spares this third tree.

After no success in finding the right tree, Forest and Beaver return home. But Beaver has an idea of his own and immediately whips up a shed made of mud where the old one stood. Forest looks at Beaver's craft and offers him the shed as his own personal art studio. 




  • Chickens cannot fly well, let alone chicks, which makes it illogical for Sunny's pet to be up in a tree with Owl and Bird.
  • Blossom said she planted the tree Forest wanted to cut down, yet trees take a long time to grow that tall which makes this confusing.
  • Dot's bird, and Sunny's chick appear in this webisode without them. 



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