• English Wiki

    To all Lalaloopsy Wikians, as of now, I'm no longer administrating this Wiki which leaves just you and the remaining administrators User:Chrismh and User:Pepsicola45 to yourselves. However, keep in mind that I will still have control of our Facebook page and will still administrate the Spanish, French and Russian Wikis.

    Let me requote myself below.

    Spanish Wiki

    RGL Victor The Great wrote:
    Lalaloopsy (Spanish) Wiki already has a minimum of 100 pages and I will still administrating the Wiki after 2015 even I'm no longer administrating the English Wiki. To clarify why I haven't still step down from there is that I haven't yet found 2 administrators to take care of it. Once that is done, I'll be selecting 1 out of the 3 to also run the Bureaucracy then I'll be glad to step down.

    I have nothing more to do there but just watch something happening to it, but thinking of a possibility of doing something productive there this year. The only reason why I'm still administrating there is that it still needs two admins and make one of them the next bureaucrat then I'll be glad to step down there as well.

    If you want to be admin there just message me and I'll try to look into it.

    Polish Wiki

    I have halted my activity in the Polish Wiki and already accomplished my goal which is achieving at least 100 pages. I'm no longer making any developments and sad to say that it will be the least developed.

    This wiki is no longer of my concern and it's without an active admin. It's free and up for grabs. Adopt it if you want it.

    Russian Wiki

    Лалалупси вики will still receive developments after 2015, even when I'm no longer administrating the English Wiki. Having founded it, meant something more to me than it is with the other non-English wikis, having said and done so that this might become well-developed soon and be only second to the English Wiki.

    This is the Lalaloopsy Wiki (canonical) that I have founded and out of the rest, it will receive some developments this 2016 with the English Wiki out of my hands. To be honest, I still have just a little understanding with the Russian language.

    If you want to be admin there, just message me and I'll be glad to collaborate.

    French Wiki

    Lalaloopsy (French) Wiki now has a minimum of 100 pages which completes my long-term goal for the year 2015 of making at least 100 pages for each non-English Wikis. However, even though I'm no longer administrating the English Wiki and by making this far, I'm still open to thinking of making more progress for the French Wiki after 2015.

    I admit that this Wiki with the Language of Love has still caught my interest and the likelihood of developments are still in the table.

    If you want to be admin there, just message User:Thenaturals. Take note that if she doesn't reply within a week, then Adopt it.

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