• Revamp Badges

    I've already revamped all of the badges and changed into Animated (Cartoon) badges.

    Edit track (fully revamped)

    Pictures track (fully revamped)

    Category track (fully revamped)

    Blog track (fully revamped)

    Wiki Love track (fully revamped)

    Special Achievements (fully revamped)

    Secret Achievements (fully revamped)

    Weekly Dialogue Chat

    As you can see you wonder why, typed on the chat Module. I am announcing it just now to ask you guys to please come and I'll be there to talk and hear you guys out. Due to less interaction in the recent weeks. So please.



    Good News, Lalaloopsy Land Wiki is now visible in Wikia's Spotlights. Special thanks to User:KeithArnaultFanon2 who brought up the idea and User:Merrystar for approving the spotlight request.

    Navigational Boxes

    Introducing the nav-boxes, which this wiki should had a years ago. Current boxes are for Characters, Episodes, Movies, Webisodes, Locations and Relationships. Also it pushes down the Character Tabs down which solves that in the General ones, but not counting on the Animation and Merchandise.

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