"When you feel the way i feel" is a song featured in the episode "Jewel's Unexpected Makeover" from the Netflix series. And it is sung by Jewel Sparkles along with Storm E. and Spot Splatter Splash.


The butterflies when you walk by,
aren't the only thing I see.

My reflection seems a little brighter,
My step a little lighter,
My smile a little wider.

Hard to tell someone the way you feel,
when you feel like I do now.

It's so hard to explain, I don't know why.
I'm feeling so tongue-tied,
I wish I wasn't so shy.

It shouldn't be that big deal,
to reveal not conceal.
but it's hard to break out my shell,
but I want to, he has no clue.

It's hard to put it into words,
when you feel,
the way i feel.

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