"Team of Two" is a song featured on the episode "Storm E. Takes a Break" and it is seen again as a flashback in the episode "Storm E. Packs Her Bags". It is composed by Jewel Sparkles and Storm E. Sky as a way to compensate for a previous discussion they had made.


Everyone has a voice,
and everyone has a choice.
When to set it free, when to let it be,
and when to tell a friend you mind.

Good to share points of view,
Introduce something new.
Take time to express,
What you think is best,
Unleash your creativity.

No matter what your skill may be.
Dance, Bake, Paint, or sing.
Go ahead, set your voice free.
Go ahead, do your thing.

Collaborate, exaggerate.
Come on raise the bar.
But a team of two will never do,
Until you're honest with who you are (x2)

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