Surprise Party Curls was released first in August 2015 as an exclusive playset mini.


Super Silly Party Musical Cake

Line: Mini
Release: August 2015
Doll(s) included: Super Silly Party Musical Cake Surprise Party Curls
Piece(s) included:
  • Cake house
  • Slide
  • Doughnut swing
  • Cookie bridge
  • Picnic table
  • Treats
  • Presents
  • Balloons
Description: Everybody is invited to the Lalaloopsy Super Silly Party! Lalaloopsy is celebrating all of the things that make them special! It's a magical time full of silliness and surprises! Mini Lalaloopsy Minis Musical Cake Play Set is the perfect playground for all your Lalaloopsy Minis! Mini dolls can play in the spinning cake, walk across the cookie bridge, have a picnic, go down the slide, or swing on the dugout swing! You can even make a wish — Just blow out the light-up candle and the Super Silly Party music will stop! The Lalaloopsy Musical Cake Playset comes with 1 exclusive Lalaloopsy Mini doll.

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