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Stumbles Bumps 'N' Bruises
Rosys Little Sister Stumbles
Type Lalaloopsy Little
Sewn on February 7th
Sewn from A Nurse's Uniform
Pet Teddy Bear

Stumbles Bumps 'N' Bruises is a Lalaloopsy Little. However, she is categorized not as a Lalaloopsy Little but as the Sew Cute Patient. Stumbles comes with lots of items.

She is the little sister of Rosy Bumps 'N' Bruises.


She's a perfect patient who always takes her medicine, loves to wear bandages, and is sure she's coming down with the sillies!


Stumbles is fair-skinned like Rosy, with peachy-pink cheeks and black button eyes. Her hair is also blue, but seems to be a shade or two lighter, with straight to the corner bangs with a single curl on the left side. She wears her short hair in pigtails placed at the sides of her head, where her ears should be. She has a scar on her forehead, and freckles.

Stumbles wears a one piece light pink and white striped outfit (possibly pajamas) with ruffled lining, while the bottoms resemble very short-shorts. The outfit has three red-peach buttons at the chest, and over this is a pink with white and red lined robe with long sleeves. On her right foot is a pink bunny slipper, while the left is what looks to be a cast, implying she broke her left leg. But this could also be just decoration, as Rosy loves to wrap things in bandages even if they do not need them.


Stumbles pet is a teddy bear that resembles a typical brown bear with black button eyes and nose, along with small pink cheeks. The right side of its head, right leg, and left arm are wrapped in bandages. It has a red heart on its tummy. Its arms, legs, eyes, and right ear are detachable.


Stumbles lives with her older sister, Rosy.


  • February 7th is Love Your Patients Day.
  • She comes with the most accessories of any Lalaloopsy.
  • Her pet bear is slightly larger than any of the other pets to make it easier to take apart.
  • Stumbles has freckles, though Rosy doesn't.
  • She is the only Lalaloopsy Little with stitches on her head.
  • Her freckles are red.

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