Storm E. Sky was first released in September 2014 as a Lalaloopsy Girls doll.


Girls Doll

Line: Girls
Release: September 2014
Doll(s) included: Lalaloopsy Girls Cloud E. Sky & Storm E. Sky
Piece(s) included:
  • Poodle
  • Cat
  • Hair clips (4)
  • Comb
Description: Best friends Cloud E. and Storm E. are ready to attend LALA Prep as part of the all grown up Girls line. Dolls are a deluxe two-pack version with two hair clips for each character and a comb.
Trivia: The Making of Lalaloopsy girls video was giving characters descriptions and have said that Storm E. and Cloud E. are Twin sisters.

Her doll lalaloopsy girls has white wings but her wings do not look like angle wings.

Large Core Doll (Netflix Series)

Line: Large
Release: December 2016
Doll(s) included: Storm E. Sky
Piece(s) included:
  • Cool Cat
  • Pink brush
  • Sparkly pink bow
  • Pink tutu dress
Description: Storm E. Sky as a standard large doll with a whole new look and brushable purple hair.

Style 'N' Swap Mini Deluxe (Netflix Series)

Line: Mini
Release: December 2016
Doll(s) included: Storm E. Sky and Jewel Sparkles
Piece(s) included:
  • Cats
  • Poodle
  • Eight fashions
  • Four wigs
  • Two pairs of shoes
  • Six accessories
Description: Storm E. Sky and Jewel Sparkles comes with adorable pets, mix and match fashions, and fun accessories that fit their personalities.

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