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Storm E. Sky's Ahead is the first episode of Season 1 of the Netflix Series.


The girls get creative when the town square statue's unveiling ceremony is delayed.


While jewel, crumbs, dot, spot and rosy was getting ready to open up the town square, but their cake/statue gets knocked over. So they work together to make another one. They get ready to start the event over when, Storm E. Sky came in unexpectedly with a long people can and drove right on to town square, she walks out the door and does a quick introduction and the door knocks down the statue. Making jewel all over whelmed




  • Storm E. Lives in a trailer, so she doesn't have a official space to live.
  • In the We're Lalaloopsy Titles there is no period after E.


Won't let a little rain get in my way


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Season 1
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