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Storm E. Packs Her Bags is the twenty-fourth episode of Season 1 of the Netflix Series.


Storm E. is preparing to leave, but is everyone too busy to care?


The girls gather around the town center as Ace sets up the town statue. Dot notices that something is missing but Jewel ignores her. Storm E. looks from her van and sees bird. She talks to Bird as her packs up her stuff and realizes that she has memories from the girls items that was in her house. She tells bird that she is going to give the items back to each of the in person.

Spot first goes to spot who was currently hanging up banners and streamers. Storm E. walks in with a box of the there items. When she reaches in the box to give Spot back her pen, Spot trips of the stage unto the floor. Storm E. looks up and sees her gone, she feels bad thinking that she is mad at her and doesn't want to be around her. She walks away, while Spot gets up dizzy and ask Zebra " Why is the ground moving" as she faints.

The scene cuts to jewel and ace putting nails in the statue. Ace looks at jewel and asked her to grab a drill. Jewel pulls out many items that are not drills and money looks oddly at her, and soon shows her the drill. Jewel looks at ace smiling and proud. Storm E. comes in with the box of items and tries to talk to jewel but ace's drill is to loud. She stutters for while then mumble that she should come back later and sighs. Jewel notices Storm E. walking away and asked Monkey where she is going and where's cat.

Storm E. continues to try and goes to Rosys house. There she gives her back the bandages and remembers when they sang to her. Storm e. starts to talk about how she liked it when she sang to her but gets interrupted by a loud noise Bear made. Storm E. grabs her box and sighs.

Storm E. try's again with jewel and goes to her house where jewel is pacing around looking for cat. Storm E. takes out a notebook, and reminds jewel of the song she made with the notebook. Jewel interrupts her and asked once more if she seen cat. Storm E. trys to continue talking about the song but Jewel talks about the cats again. Jewel runs out searching for cat when Storm E. was going to tell her that she was leaving.




  • Monkey is referred to as a "he" on the English Audio Description.


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