This page describes Storm E. Sky's relationships with other characters in the Lalaloopsy series and other media sources.


Cloud E. Sky

Cloud and storm

She is Storm E.'s sister.

Breeze E. Sky

She is Storm E.'s little sister.



Jewel Sparkles

Jewel and storm e.

In the Lalaloopsy Girls movie, she bumps into Jewel on the first day, and they become rivals. They are very contrasting. Jewel is girly and popular while Storm E. is tomboyish and unpopular. They ruin Glitter Science and they even compete to become student body president. After she has a fight with Cloud E., she decides not to go to Jewel's slumber party. Jewel comes out and confesses that Jewel against her is fun but not when she is mad, and she admitted that she wanted to make fun of her shoes. They make up and in the end Jewel becomes president.

Love interests

S2 E12 female beaver This section is about shipping.
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Forest Evergreen

NS1E07A Storm E. blushing at Forest
NS1E07A Storm E. blushing at Forest again

She has developed a crush on the lumberjack and their feelings seem to be mutual.

In Forest Finds a Stray, she meets Forest for the first time. When Poodle took her drumstick, Forest offers to get it and accidentally breaks it and offers to make her a replacement, she smiles in relief. At that same time Poodle went missing, she disagreed with Jewel's statement with Forest defending the stray which coincides with her stance, she blushes at him in agreement. They both search for the dog and stopped in the middle of Town Square where upon seeing him she blushes and they sit together on a bench. At Crumbs' cafe, they were also sitting together.

In Storm E. Takes a Break, she finds a space to be alone and notices Forest, at first being disturbed by his presence then she feels his sympathy for her knowing what she feels. She asks to join him and gets taken to his logging site. At the site, she enjoys chopping some wood with Forest's axe and later talks about her problems with Forest.

In Jewel Saves Spot, Forest invited her to join him on his kite activities but declined at first then accepted at second without telling she was supposed to help Spot. At Forest's "secret kite flying field", they were enjoying flying the kites ignoring the fact that she was supposed to do something and extends her time bonding with Forest instead. Only later she then admitted that she was supposed to help Spot and for that, Forest turns his back on Storm E. which made her even more guilty.

In Storm E. Packs Her Bags, she receives a wooden guitar case made by Forest and Beaver which she willingly accepts as a farewell gift.

ved Relationships
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