This page describes Squiggles N' Shapes' relationships with other characters in the Lalaloopsy series and other media sources.


Spot Splatter Splash

Spot created Squiggles, so therefore she has a kind of older sister/younger sister dynamic with her, as she seems comforting to her and continuously guides her through life



Trace E. Doodles

It is still unknown or has yet to be revealed of any reaction for Squiggles towards Trace E., since after the events of Spot Draws the Line. They are both creations of Spot.

Scribbles Splash

It is still unknown or has yet to be revealed of any reaction for Squiggles towards Scribbles, since you would think Scribbles would know about her but doesn't.


Squiggles has no known enemies or rivals.

Love interests

S2 E12 female beaver This section is about shipping.
As hints and evidence for ships are mostly speculation, this page may contain personal points of view.

Forest Evergreen

S2 E9 Forest and Squiggles

In Spot's New Masterpiece, Squiggles meets Forest for the first time. She explains to him how she was trying to get the the other Lalaloopsies to like her by lying about all the stuff that she likes. Forest says that she needs to be herself and gives an example of himself and excludes the tree and it being untappable. Squiggles suggests that its a shade tree. Its possible that Squiggles may have taken a liking in Forest after that. He even takes her back to her house.

ved Relationships
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