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Spot Splatter Splash
Spot Splatter Splash
Sewn on October 25th
Sewn from Painter's Overalls
Pet Zebra

Spot Splatter Splash is the most artistic resident of Lalaloopsy Land. She's a virtuoso with a paint brush and palette and she never hesitates to express herself through her art. Though a little strange compared to her friends, she never fails to make her friends smile with her silly masterpieces. Spot is the older sister of little Scribbles Splash. Her name is based off of her messy methods of creating art - a splash of color here, a splatter of paint there!

About Spot


Spots Pattern
Spot Splatter Splash has light brown skin and pink-peach cheeks. Her eyes are the common black buttons. Spot's hair is yellow-orange in color and seems about chest length, worn up in pigtails held with red bows. Her bangs are the common wrap type.

Spot wears very colorful attire, consisting of a red and white striped shirt with small puff sleeves and collar, underneath a white overall dress with red buttons at each strap and a triangle pocket in the center. A single red stripe goes around the ruffles at the hem of her dress, along with a red tulle layer with tiny white polkadots. On her dress are many light blue paint blotches. Spot also has on knee length white and red socks and matching boots with yellow sole and toe.


Spot's pet is a zebra who loves to play and paint as much as Spot does! It is white and red striped with fuchsia hair and a tail. It has white rings over its black button eye and spots of blue paint along its body.


Spot lives in an artsy two story house set on top of a painter's palette!  The house has white walls, and rainbow tiles and crayons line her roof.  A colored pencil ladder leans against her wall and there are several easels on her lawn with her latest masterpieces.  A pathway of colorful erasers leads to her home.


  • October 25th is International Artist Day & Picasso's birthday.

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