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Spot's Good Hair Day is the third episode of Season 1 of the Netflix Series.


Jewel doesn't like what Storm E.'s loud rock music does to her hair.


With the arrival of Storm E. Sky, Jewel now has to deal with her new neighbor.

As Jewel looks at her mirror, a sudden guitar strum messes with her hair; it happens to affect her cat as well. When Jewel went outside, she sees Spot also in the same manner but more messy. They both went to Storm E.'s van and told her to stop the music but she resists.

Later, Dot invented a machine that will resist soundwaves triggered from Storm E's guitar but there was a malfunction and she needs more time.

Meanwhile, Spot is just sitting by Storm E's front door when Storm E. notices her and just let her in anyways. Inside, Spot was just amazed at her van and talks more about. A few moments later, Spot wants to do Storm E. a song about Bad hair, and thats where Storm E. came up the song "Bad Hair Day Blues".

A bit later, jewel now checks on Dot and this time, she created a new machine that looks like an amplifier. She said that she needs to put it into Storm E's guitar and it will do a reverse effect. Jewel hands it over and went to Storm E's van. In the van, Spot and Storm E. were still having fun until Jewel gives the amplifier to Storm E. and moments later, when Storm E. tested the strum, they had their hair back to normal. But Spot dosent like it anymore and felt depressed and left. Storm E. also responds to Jewel and when the time no ones around, Jewel now uncovers the truth about why Spot left awkwardly.

Jewel later went to Spot's house to talk about the truth and even Spot drew an art of her in her definition of a Bad Hair Day. And Jewel came up with a great idea.

Later, in Jewel's house (which is a salon), that's where she recreated Spot's hair style and added a few tweaks as well. And Spot was finally satisfied. The endpoint was when the other pets want to have the same thing as Spot does.





Bad Hair Day Blues


ved We're Lalaloopsy
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