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Soft dolls are the softer, more huggable equivalent to the standard hard dolls. So far a total of 16 have been released, coming out usually in sets of four at a time.

Series 1 includes Pillow, Bea, Mittens, & Crumbs.
Series 2 includes Jewel, Peanut, Patch, & Spot.
Series 3 includes Sahara, Misty, Marina, & Blossom.
Series 4 includes Ember, Pix E., Rosy, & Tippy.

Series 1

Series 2

Series 3

Series 4


  • Because each doll is stuffed, there is a chance not every doll will look exactly the same.
  • Each doll features printed fabric opposed to genuine stitching.
  • Series 2 failed to include Dot Starlight of the original eight, and both Series 3 and Series 4 continued to gloss over her.
  • Blossom Flowerpot and Marina Anchors soft dolls are larger than the average soft doll and stand to about 18".

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