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Snowy Fairest
Snowy Fairest - large core doll
Sewn on December 1st
Sewn from Snow White's Dress
Pet Squirrel

Snowy Fairest is the fairest beauty in all the land, Lalaloopsy Land that is! She's a friendly girl who's really good at keeping the house spic and span. Her favorite things are red apples and being the prettiest of them all! Snowy is the older sister of little Beauty Fairest. Her name comes from the storybook character Snow White who she is inspired by, and is an homage to snow which Snow White's fair skin was compared to!

About Snowy


Snowy Fairest has fair skin, black button eyes, and bright pink cheeks. She has curly, short black hair worn with a bright pink bow on the right side of her head, she also has a small cowlick on top of her head. Snowy also wears a pink blouse with white puffed sleeves, a yellow skirt with small red apple images depicting the cycle of eating an apple along it, below the knee white socks and fuchsia tennis shoes. She also sometimes wears a pair of pink Mary Janes with small bows on each toe, along with white socks.


Snowy's pet is a bright brown colored squirrel often shown standing on its hind legs. It has small black eyes and pale pink cheeks.


Snowy lives in the woodlands with her harmonic critter friends, and of course, the clan of Dwarfs who have accepted her into their little cottage. The home is a red two-story cottage with apple and stone decorations. It has a single door and two visible windows. A red candied apple acts like a chimney on the very tippy-top.

The path leading to the cottage consists of apple slices over a tiny bridge. Next to the cottage is where laundry is hung up.


  • December 1st is Eat a Red Apple Day.
  • Snowy's skirt has an apple formation, showing the stages it goes through as one eats it.
  • Snowy is the only character with the short flair to not have two bows.
  • She is based off of Snow White.
  • On her poster, she was wearing her sneakers just like the mini.

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