Silly Singers are the newly-released line of Mini Lalaloopsy dolls. A button on their stomach makes them sing, one note at a time, and jump when pressed.

Mini - Silly Singers - Promo


Mini Lalaloopsy Silly Singers sing and dance when you press the button on their tummy. Each sings her own unique variation on the Mini Lalaloopsy commercial jingle, with lyrics about herself.

  • Features original Lalaloopsy characters
  • Play with two or more to hear them sing and harmonize together
  • Movable arms, legs and head


The line, initially released in January 2014 as a set of four, features four out of the eight original Lalaloopsy characters. It is unknown if this spin-off line of the Mini line will expand past its first wave.

  1. Crumbs Sugar Cookie
  2. Jewel Sparkles
  3. Peanut Big Top
  4. Pillow Featherbed


  • They might've been created as a "Take That" towards Sing-a-ma-Jigs, the "hot toys" of 2010 which competed with Lalaloopsy as the hottest toy of the year. Sing-a-ma-Jigs were plush toys that could sing and harmonize together, one note at a time, when their stomachs were squeezed. In other words, they functioned virtually the same exact way.

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