Silly Hair dolls are your favorite Lalaloopsy characters with longer, more silly hair that you can style. They come with many accessories to help decorate their hair in any fashion and in any style. Even their pets have long silly parts that can be styled as well. Their outfits are completely different too than what they normally wear.

Silly Hair

"These Lalaloopsy have silly hair that bends every which way. Now you can style your Lalaloopsy doll’s hair and her pet’s tail too." - MGA Entertainment

  • Lalaloopsy with wacky, wild hair that really bends
  • Hair allows you to curl, twist, and straighten
  • Includes fun hair styling brush, 4 clips and 6 hair beads
  • Endless silly styles
  • Pet has matching bendable tail

In 2013 the line of full size Silly Hair dolls was discontinued, to be replaced by the Loopy Hair Dolls

Silly Hair Large Dolls

Bea Spells-a-Lot

Description: Silly Hair Bea won't let a rainy day keep her from making a splash-tastic fashion statement! Bea is wearing a pink-orange plaid fall coat. The coat has four white buttons keeping it closed. Its collar, cuffs, and belt are a faded black with very faint pink dots on them. Underneath her coat she wears her signature pink tights with white polka dots. She is sporting black tennis shoes with white toes and shoelaces on her feet. Owl's wings are silly.


  • Owl with silly wings
  • Pale pink heart shaped hair decorations
  • Magenta bows
  • White button clips
  • Magenta and orange hair curler
  • Magenta heart clips
  • Pale pink flower clips

Crumbs Sugar Cookie

Description: Silly Hair Crumbs is as cute as a cookie! Crumbs wears a yellow and white checkered romper with pink puffy sleeves that have polkadots on them. Her hi-top sneakers are pastel pink but the tops are hot pink. They are tied with white laces. Her mouse's tail is long and silly.


  • Mouse with silly tail 
  • Brown with chocolate icing cookie hair decorations
  • Yellow bows
  • Yellow button clips
  • Magneta and pastel pink hair curler
  • Pastel pink heart clips 
  • White flower clips 

Ember Flicker Flame

Description: Silly Hair Ember is so stylish she's on fire! Ember is wearing a long glossy red vinyl firefighter's coat with a yellow collar, cuffs, and trim. She's sporting low-top black and white tennis shoes with calf-high socks. White shoelaces securely safened on each shoe. Her dalmatian's tail is curly. 


  • Dalmation with silly tail
  • Pink heart shaped hair decorations
  • Yellow bows
  • Pink button clips
  • Red and yellow hair curler
  • Yellow star clips
  • White flower clips

Jewel Sparkles 

Description: Silly Hair Jewel is ever pink and precious. Jewel is wearing a pretty pink dress with ruffles in the center of the skirt. Around it are white polkadots, and a white trim. She wears pastel pink Mary Janes with hot pink bows and white frilly socks. Her kitty's tail is curly.


  • Cat with silly tail
  • Magneta heart shaped hair decorations
  • Light green bows
  • Light green button clips 
  • Magneta and light pink hair curler
  • Red heart clips
  • Pink flower clips 

Marina Anchors

Description: Silly Hair Marina is the first mate on deck when it comes to nautical fashion! Marina is wearing


Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff



  • Fuschia and blue hair curler
  • Polar bear silly ears
  • fuschia heart buttons
  • white bows
  • pastel pink buttons
  • white hearts
  • fuschia flowers

Peanut Big Top



  • Silly trunk Elephant
  • pink and orange-red curler
  • red-orange bows
  • yellow circles
  • pink hearts
  • red-orange flowers
  • yellow hearts

Pix E. Flutters

Description: Silly Hair Pix E. is magically cute! Her soft pixie green hair is long and wild, and comes with many accessories to compliment her hair. Pix E. wears a light blue and teal striped romper with green ribbons. Underneath that she wears a pink shirt with puffed sleeves. She wears pretty pink sneakers with white laces and tips, and pixie green socks. Her insect pet has silly wings!

Includes: She comes with two mini button clips, two mini heart clips, two mini flower clips, two bow clips, and two large daisy clips. As well as her hot pink curling tool.

Prairie Dusty Trails



  • Silly Cactus
  • Fuschia and Yellow hair curler
  • Red buttons
  • small pink hearts
  • yellow flowers
  • pink bows
  • big yellow hearts                                  

Spot Splatter Splash



  • Silly tail zebra with straight curly stripes
  • yellow and red hair curler
  • red bows on top
  • white heart button clips
  • blue flower clips
  • red heart clips apart
  • magenta circle clips

Suzette La Sweet

Description: Silly Hair Suzette is sew glamorous and posh! Her powder white hair is long and wild, and comes with many accessories to compliment it. Suzette wears an elegant pretty pink dress with white frilly trims. She wears baby blue Mary Janes with hot pink bows and white socks. Her poodle's tail is silly!

Includes: She comes with two mini button clips, two mini heart clips, two mini flower clips, two bow clips, and two large heart clips. As well as her powder blue curling tool.

Silly Hair Littles

Bundles Snuggle Stuff

Description: Silly Hair Bundles is Mittens' little sister, and her hair is so silly.


  • White bows
  • Magenta flowers
  • Silly baby Polar Bear

Scribbles Splash



Specs Reads-a-Lot

Description: Silly Hair Specs is Bea's little sister, and her hair is so silly.


Sprinkle Spice Cookie



Squirt Lil Top

Description: Silly Hair Squirt is Peanut's little sister, and her hair is so silly.


Trinket Sparkles




  • In the Littles silly hair dolls instruction maunal, they call Squirt Lil Top Squirt Big Top, and Bundles Snuggle Stuff Bundles Fluff 'N' Stuff, which are the last name of their sisters, although Specs Reads-a-Lot was not called Specs Spells-a-Lot.
  • The Silly Hair Dolls were discontinued in 2013.


Silly trinket
Silly squirt
Silly hair bundles

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