Princess Sesame is the Princess of Here-to-There. She has a super sense of direction. This sunny traveler sails across strawberry milk rivers to take friends from place to place. Although she occasionally takes a wrong turn, she always manages to find her way home.


Princess Sesame is an orange skinned Lala-Oopsy with normal black button eyes. Her bangs are sandy-blonde on the right and mangeta-red on the left. They are slightly slanted with a small curl in the center. She wears her hair in buns, the left being orange with yellow sewing needles in it, the right being magenta with multiple loops. She wears a crown on the center of her head. Her right arm is pink, left is light orange.

Sesame wears a pink dress with a white segment at the neck and short sleeves, the left matching the dress and the right being orange. Her right leg is orange with a magenta-red shoe and her left leg is pink and white striped with a deep pink-purple shoe.


Main article: Kingdom of Sesame


  • Princess Sesame resembles Princess Nutmeg in terms of coloring.
  • Princess Sesame's hair buns were styled like Princess Anise's hair.
  • So far she has only been released with a special RC Boat but due to exclusive characters usually becoming a full-fledged doll, it is possible she may also!
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