Princess Lavender is the Princess of Splashes. She's very funny and is always ready for a great joke. She's perfect when it comes to turning a frown upside down and cheering up a sad friend.

Lavender is also very bright and loves to make a big splash!

About Lavender


Princess Lavender is a pale-lilac skinned Oopsie with a pale, striped right arm and left hot pink-red arm. She has dull, soft pink blushing cheeks and normal black button eyes. Her hair is worn up in curly bunches of hair resembling messy, sproingy buns. Her bangs are semi-straight with a few loose curls. Her right bun/pigtails and left bangs are light pink in theme, while the right bangs and left pigtails/bun is red themed. She also has two very small cowlicks and wears a lavender crown with a small heart theme.

Lavender wears a lavender themed dress with princess puff sleeves. One being red/hot pink, matching the band around her waist, the other black. The skirt of her dress is in multiple layers with small ribbons going around the bottom hemline. On her right leg is red and black striped leg to go along with a black Mary Jane shoe and ribbon. Her left leg is pale purple with purple markings, while the ribbon and Mary Jane shoe are reddish dark pink.


Main article: Kingdom of Lavender


  • She is an exclusive mini who comes with the new 3 Floating Islands Playset.
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