The Princess Club is an exclusive club in Lalaloopsy Land that is for girly girls and/or princesses only. Each of the members wears a special sparkly crown from Jewel's personal collection.

They do things that little girls would normally do, like have tea parties and play dress-up. They also like to do ballet.

They have strict rules for being in. You have to be a princess, be very girly, and proper. This was an exception when Tippy joined, because Jewel said that she liked "bows and pink and stuff."


Episode Appearances

Princess Parade

In Princess Parade, Jewel started the Princess Club and Tippy joined. Later, they realized that they need more members in order to have a real club. They spotted Sunny, Spot, and Peanut outside, and offered them the chance to be in their group for a little while.

Sunny, Spot, and Peanut aren't exactly princesses OR girly, but they DID need some people in their club. Jewel and Tippy were trying to teach them how to be proper princesses, but they didn't dress like princesses right, because Peanut wore clown shoes, and Spot painted her outfit, and Sunny kept copying Jewel, and her dress made her itchy, so she tied it up.

They weren't good at the tea party either. Sunny burped and wiped her mouth. Peanut is too loud, and Spot plays with her sugarcubes.

Jewel later gets the idea to have a princess parade to promote the club, but disaster strikes when the floats roll away and break. Jewel later realizes that Sunny, Spot, and Peanut can use their special traits to fix the floats and save the parade, and there is more than one way to be a princess.

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