Posy Golden Petals is Lalaloopsy Land's littlest marigold enthusiast! She is very cheerful and charming. Sunny days are her favorite but she can brighten up a room even when it's gloomy! Posy is the little sister of Mari Golden Petals. Her name is based off of the flower posy and their golden petals.

About Posy


Posy is light brown skinned with pale pink cheeks and black button eyes. Her bright golden hair is pulled into a bun on each side of her head, composed of flower bunches held by a melon-colored bow. Her dress is bright orange and resembles a flower covered with morning dew. Sticking out from the bottom are smaller pale yellow petals, along with a pale yellow tulle petticoat. The collar is composed of three, pale mint leaf. Her sandals are orange with pale orange bottoms and a pale mint leaf resembling a bow on each toe.


An orange with a little green leaf growing out. It also has a yellow bow at the base of the sprout. It also has black eyes.


Main article: Mari's house

She lives with her older sister, Mari.


  • March 12th is National Plant a Flower Day.
  • She shares her birthday with Seed Sunburst.
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