This page describes Peanut Big Top's relationships with other characters in the Lalaloopsy series and other media sources.


Squirt Lil Top

Little sister




Dyna Might

S2 E25 Peanut and Dyna


Love interests

S2 E12 female beaver This section is about shipping.
As hints and evidence for ships are mostly speculation, this page may contain personal points of view.

Ace Fender Bender

S2 E4 Peanut hugging Ace
This is one of the rare relationships that takes place over many media.

In Ace in the Hole, Peanut lets Ace borrow her 'boingies' and says that her boingies are his boingies. Then she stopped by to see if Ace was going to fix her trampoline.

In Lalaloopsy Ponies: The Big Show, Peanut told the ponies that Ace was a very good builder. They also sat next to each other at the show.

In Life of the Parties, Peanut asked Ace to fix her popcorn popper. He offers to make a go-kart for her. She hugs him when she sees how well the go-kart turned out and she challenges him to a race. Ace also tried to impress by using different condiments to power up his kart, but he fails. Peanut cheers him up by saying they are tied. They got stuck in the bush together. They hang out at the winter fest slumber-cue, and they drive their karts together at the end of the episode.

In By the Book, Ace is stacking tires but they fall and Peanut helps him with them. Ace claps for her. Peanut shyly asks him to fix the mini clown-car. Ace tries to make it perfect but Monkey hijacks it, and Peanut and Ace are together in Bea's house at the end of the episode. Worth taking note that on the Lalaloopsy Land Map, they live close to each other, and they were together at the end of Pickles Delivers. I

Welcome to Lalaloopsy Land's Super Silly Party! , Ace was looking out for her, and when she appeared, he applauded, cheered, and they even danced.

ved Relationships
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