Paint Park is a minigame staring Spot Splatter Splash, she must liven things up by finding the colorless objects
and painting them before time runs out!

The genre is puzzle.

Also feel free to check out the Online Games page on the official Lalaloopsy website.


You have a total of 3 minutes to find all of the painted objects. As Spot moves, a green arrow is underneath her to point you out to the direction of the plant or object she wishes to paint next.

She will start out by walking, but after a few seconds she will start to run instead, until you stop or turn once more.

In level 1 you paint tomato/pumpkin and strawberries, level 2 has flowers, and level 3 has mushrooms.


  • Up, down, left, right: Moves Spot around the maze.
  • Space bar: use when near an object to paint it.
  • Mouse wheel: Used to turn the maze for better angles.



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