Here you can find all other merchandise associated with Lalaloopsy. There is a wide range of products that go beyond just the line of dolls. Anywhere from clothes, to accessories, to decor, and more. For a list of merchandise for the dolls, click here. And for a list of the vehicular merchandise, click here.

Costumes and Dress-Up Accessories

As Lalaloopsy is popular amongst young children, for Halloween or just everyday play now your child, friend, or even yourself can dress like your favorite.

For school, lunch boxes and backpacks have recently begun to be released!


Clothing inspired, branded, or based on Lalaloopsy characters.


What better way to carry and haul around your stuff than these Lalaloopsy themed bags and backpacks.


Lunch boxes and accsesories

Tote Bags



Now you can have a wonderful lalaloopsy vacation with these cute lalaloopsy luggages!

Pencil Toppers, Cases, etc...

Now you can have fun everyday when you write a note or have class time with these charming toppers. Guaranteed to make even the gloomiest friend smile.

Character Tins

Need to store all your miniature Lalaloopsy dolls? Or maybe their little accessories? These tin boxes feature your favorite character's face on them and a latch to make sure everything stays safely inside.

Lalaloopsy Household

Have you ever wanted the Lalaloopsy to see your bedroom? Well now you can with these adorable furniture items. Now you too can go into Lalaloopsy Land!



Now you can enjoy and relax with these cute and adorable lalaloopsy beddings!





  • Party Favors: A big 48, red oriented pack that comes with stickers, braceletes, spinners, tops, whistles, and rings.

Button-Tails and Other Toys

Other random items that may only have a couple of pieces belonging to it. Should be given their own page should the section become full enough.

Lalaloopsy Electronics

Video games, headphones, walkie talkies and more. There is plenty of electronic Lalaloopsy merchandise.

Video Games










  • Lalaloopsy Cotton Candy scented Bubble Bath.
  • Lalaloopsy Raspberry scented 3 in 1.

Other Mercandise

Foods, random accessories, and much much more!

  • Pony Tail Hair Bands/Scrunchies: A series of six hair pieces that come with three characters, each on one band that matches her color. Marina has pink with a blue and yellow heart, Pix has green with a fuschia-magenta and green heart, and Prairie has magenta with orange and pink heart.
  • Sew Cute Buttons Candy: These sweetie sour candies are just waiting to be part of your Lala-riffic collection! They come in three flavors, each represented by either Jewel, Bea, or Crumbs. The flavors are watermelon, orange, and strawberry.


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