Mimi La Sweet is Lalaloopsy Land's littlest duchess. She loves bite sized cupcakes and mini donuts. Her favorite thing is wearing princess clothes and practicing a perfect curtsey. Mimi is the little sister of Suzette La Sweet. Her name is based off of French origin - as well as a nod to her love for sweets!

About Mimi


Mimi is tanned with pale pink cheeks and short, bright white hair pulled into a ponytail held with a hot pink bow. She has a beauty mark by her hair.

She wears a pink tile blouse with a silky, hot pink balloon skirt with white tulle at the hem. On each side of the skirt is a sky blue bow, matching her waist band and flats. On each toe is a hot pink bow, while her shoes are worn with short white socks.


A pale pink poodle cupcake with a single part of hair made from icing. She has small black eyes and button nose, and the wrapper half is magenta colored.


Main article: Suzette's palace

She lives with her big sister, Suzette La Sweet.


  • October 14th is National Dessert Day.
  • Mimi was introduced along with Spoons Waffle ConeTiny Might, & Twirly Figure Eight.
  • Her name is considered short for Marilyn or Miriam, and became popular after the opera "La Bohème".
  • Mimi and Sherri Charades are the only Littles that are French.
  • Mimi is the only Lalaloopsy Little with white hair.
  • A prototype version of Mimi featured three eyelashes on her eyes.
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