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Mango Tiki Wiki


Lalaloopsy Full Size Doll

Sewn On

May 2nd (Play Your Ukulele Day)

Sewn From

A Grass Skirt


Pineapple Bird

Mango Tiki Wiki is a tropical islander who loves the warm sun and blue waters.

Her Little sister is Kiwi Tiki Wiki.


Mango Tiki Wiki is an tropical island girl who has a personality that shines brighter than the sun! She’s a perky and upbeat girl who loves to listen to island music and play her ukulele. She can throw the best luaus in all of Lalaloopsy Land! Mango can often be found outside playing or just enjoying the weather while practicing her hula-dancing.

Mango is also very crafty, as she loves to make fresh flower bracelets and leis, and she can even carve an ukulele out of an plain coconut. With her around, every day is a party…or, a luau!


Mango is a brown skinned girl with forest green eyes and pale pink cheeks. She has black hair worn in pigtails by her ears and straight wrapped bangs in the center with a pink flower worn on the left side of her head.

Mango wears a top and skirt with the top resembling a slightly frilled blouse an the entire dress having white flower markings and a three layer belt with orange with a silk orange ribbon wrapping around it. Underneath her skirt is a visible luau skirt/layer. She wears orange slip on shoes with green lace ribbons.


Mango's pet is a pineapple bird. It's unknown if its living or not, as it may just be an animal she put together with a pineapple.

It doesn't have any wings to fly, but it can be seen on a perch.

It resembles a Furby and a parrot.


Mango Tiki Wiki's house is an island shack-like building. She has a flower pathway leading to the steps, a bunch of coconuts, and what looks like a coconut drink on top of the roof of her home.


  • Mango Tiki Wiki Full Size Doll
  • Mango Tiki Wiki Series #9 Miniature


  • Mango is the fourth Lalaloopsy with colored eyes. She also has the third unique eye color in the entire series.
  • She has the same hair style as Coral Sea Shells, besides the flowers on their heads.


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