This page describes Mango Tiki Wiki's relationships with other characters in the Lalaloopsy series and other media sources.


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Mango has no known enemies or rivals.

Love interests

S2 E12 female beaver This section is about shipping.
As hints and evidence for ships are mostly speculation, this page may contain personal points of view.

Patch Treasurechest

S2 E12 Patch and Mango 8

In Mango's Mainland Holiday, when she met Patch, they both develop a liking to each other. Mango is excited to show Patch around her island home. Patch really likes her place. There aren't any other people who live on her island. Wanting to make her life better and to impress her, Patch decides to take her to Lalaloopsy Land to meet all his friends, thinking she wants to move. As they go to each of the other Lalaloopsies' houses, they don't like her as much as Patch likes her. At Forest's house, she tries to get the boys to sing with her, but Forest tried to get away from it by saying he doesn't sing very well, Crumbs doesn't like the fact that she can't sit properly in chairs, and she messes up Tippy's performance. Forest, Crumbs, and Tippy can't go very well with her, but Patch remains, and goes as far as to make the other kids apologize to her for being mean. Patch was extremely upset when he had to go back. Patch has a crush on Mango and she feels the same way.

ved Relationships
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