Lalaloopsy Sister Packs

Sister Packs

Bea Spells-a-Lot and Specs Reads-a-Lot (Large & Mini) "The a-Lot Sisters"

Crumbs Sugar Cookie and Sprinkle Spice Cookie (Large & Mini) "The Cookie Sisters"

Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff and Bundles Snuggle Stuff (Large & Mini) "The Stuff Sisters"

Peanut Big Top and Squirt Lil Top (Large & Mini) "The Top Sisters"

Kat Jungle Roar and Whiskers Lion's Roar (Large & Mini) "The Roar Sisters"

Misty Mysterious and Tricky Mysterious (Large & Mini) "The Mysterious Sisters"

Ember Flicker Flame and Red Fiery Flame (Large Only) "The Flame Sisters"

Prairie Dusty Trails and Trouble Dusty Trails (Large & Mini) "The Dusty Trails Sisters"

Pix E. Flutters and Twinkle N. Flutters (Large & Mini) "The Flutters Sisters"

Rosy Bumps 'N' Bruises and Stumbles Bumps 'N' Bruises (Large & Mini) "The Bumps N' Bruises Sisters"

Charlotte Charades and Sherri Charades (Large & Mini) "The Charades Sisters"

Spot Splatter Splash and Scribbles Splash (Large & Mini) "The Splash Sisters"

Jewel Sparkles and Trinket Sparkles (Large & Mini) "The Sparkles Sisters"

Pillow Featherbed and Blanket Featherbed (Mini Only) "The Featherbed Sisters"

Sahara Mirage and Pita Mirage (Mini Only) "The Mirage Sisters"

Blossom Flowerpot and Petal Flowerpot (Mini Only) "The Flowerpot Sisters"

Mango Tiki Wiki and Kiwi Tiki Wiki (Mini Only) "The Tiki Wiki Sisters"

Tippy Tumblelina and Twisty Tumblelina (Mini Only) "The Tumblelina Sisters"

Suzette La Sweet and Mimi La Sweet (Mini Only) "The La Sweet Sisters"

Dyna Might and Tiny Might (Mini Only) "The Might Sisters"

Scoops Waffle Cone and Spoons Waffle Cone (Mini Only) "The Waffle Cone Sisters"

Regular-Sized Sister Packs

US - Canada


Mini Sister Packs

Series 1

Series 2

Series 3

Series 4

Series 5

Series 6


  • Mini Series 1 uses the classic Series 1 look for the older siblings.
  • Mini Series 2 has a variety of looks for the older siblings. Pillow Featherbed re-uses her Pillow's Sleepover Party apparel. Spot Splatter Splash uses her 3rd edition apparel. Meanwhile, Jewel Sparkles Pix E. Flutters don completely new outfits for their minis. 
  • Mini Series 3 has a variety of looks for the older siblings. Sahara Mirage uses her 2nd edition apparel. Misty Mysterious uses her 2nd edition apparel too. Meanwhile, Prairie Dusty Trails and Rosy Bumps 'N' Bruises get completely new outfits for their minis.
  • Mini Series 2 surprisingly glossed over Pita Matey, who were released in the second series of the Lalaloopsy Littles and came out before Blanket Twinkle.This could be because Blanket's sister is in the original eight. 
  • Mini Series 3Mini Series 4 and Mini Series 5 glossed over Matey again.
  • The Roar Sisters are exclusive to Toys "R" Us only.

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