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In a wacky and silly world of colors and wonder, there are giant mushrooms, curvy roads, and magical kingdoms. This is the land of the Lala-Oopsies! Four princesses rule over each of their own special kingdoms, each being unique to their own personalities. In this world there are also four magical little fairies who love to play together.

Lala-Oopsies are the bendy and sillier counterparts to Lalaloopsies. They are, as implied, an oopsie. Their arms and legs are rubbery and bendable, while their heads are very squishy. They are each vibrantly colored and have a variety of mismatched patterns and stripes on their clothes and hair.

Princess Ballerinas

Princess Anise

"This girly-girl rules over the kingdom of all things precious and pretty."

Princess Nutmeg

"She lives in her own topsy-turvy kingdom where everything's all about fun."

Princess Saffron

"She's warm and caring and loves making treats for all her friends."

Princess Juniper

"Creative and clever, she's a little-miss-fix-it who can solve any problem that comes her way."

Princess Sesame

Princess of Here-to-There

Princess Lavender

Princess of Splashes

Fairies (Littles)

The Fairies are the smaller and cuter counterparts to the Princess Ballerinas. They could possibly be related to the Princesses, or they could just be friends.

Fairy Lilac - counterpart to Princess Anise

Fairy Tulip  - counterpart to Princess Nutmeg

Fairy Fern - counterpart to Princess Saffron

Fairy Daffodil - counterpart to Princess Juniper


Mermaid Opal

Mermaid Water Lily

Mermaids (Littles)

Mermaid Kelp

Mermaid Tadpole

Mermaid Gilly

Mermaid Fin

Mini Merchandise

Princess Ballerina Minis

  1. Princess Anise: with royal crown scepter, hand mirror, heart-shaped box of chocolates, and kitty
  2. Princess Nutmeg: with strawberry milk, royal half-eaten donut scepter, umbrella, and bunny
  3. Princess Saffron: with tea pot, royal heart scepter, tea cup, and mouse
  4. Princess Juniper: with heart-shaped sewing kit, royal paintbrush scepter, basket of yarn, and bunny
  5. Princess Sesame: comes with RC Boat
  6. Princess Lavender: comes with 3 Floating Islands Playset

Mermaid Minis

  1. Mermaid Treasure
  2. Mermaid Anemone
  3. Mermaid Water Lily
  4. Mermaid Opal

Fairies Littles Minis

  1. Fairy Tulip
  2. Fairy Lilac
  3. Fairy Daffodil
  4. Fairy Fern

All minis (Out of box)


Whether it's their faithful steeds, or their adventerous sea horses, the pets of Lala-Oopsies are at their side. There are a total of 6 Horses and 4 Sea Horses thus far. Both have long manes that can be brushed and braided with their own special brushes.


The Lala-Oopsies horses come in three different styles. There are the winged flying horses, the horned horses which resemble unicorns, and the crowned and decorated horses which resemble royalty.

Sea Horses

Sold exclusively at Walmart, the Lala-Oopsies Sea Horses each come with their very own companion: jellyfish, starfish, crab, or octopus. They have long aquatic manes that you can brush and braid with their starfish-shaped brushes.


RC Vehicles

  • Mini Lala-Oopsies™ RC Boat 27 MHz
  • Mini Lala-Oopsies™ RC Boat 49 MHz


  • 3 Floating Islands - Teapot Playset


  • The dolls lack the ballerina ribbons around their legs and the jewelry they possess in the artwork.
  • Some people have claimed that their full sized Lala-Oopsies reek of onions. This is not the case for all Lala-Oopsies, though.
  • Due to their heads being made of a squishy foam material, it is easily able to rip if children handle them the wrong way.


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