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Lalaloopsy Littles

Sewn on

September 2nd

Sewn from

A Dancer's Grass Skirt



Animation - Merchandise

Kiwi is a Lalaloopsy Little island hula dancer, who was released at the same as Twisty Tumblelina.

Her big sister is Mango Tiki Wiki.


She can spend all day under a palm tree with her toes in the sand. She loves to hula and look for seashells.


Kiwi Tiki Wiki shares many features with her older sister. She has brown skin, dark emerald eyes, and black hair. She has dull pink cheeks. Her hair is worn in pigtails held at the middle of her head with a single curl sticking out at the corner of her bangs. She has a big pink flower to the side.

Kiwi's outfit is very simple, consisting of a red tank top with white flowery markings and a multilayer grass skirt that has a peachy-orange segment with a bow on the corner. Her shoes are red sandals with wood on the bottom and many straps. On the back of each shoe is a small bow.


Kiwi Tiki Wiki's pet is a little coconut drink! It fits on a yellow coaster and has small eyes and a nose where a red straw with a pink flower pokes out.


She lives with her big sister, Mango Tiki Wiki.


  • Kiwi Tiki Wiki Littles doll 


  • September 2nd is Coconut Day.
  • Kiwi is the second Lalaloopsy Little with different colored eyes, the first being Specs Reads-a-Lot.
  • Kiwi has a flower on her hair, just like Mango Tiki Wiki


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