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Jewel Sparkles Un-Birthday Party is the first webisode.


Jewel Sparkles plans to have the best birthday party ever.


Jewel talks with Kitty as she circles March 13th on her calendar. She is excited because the best thing about a birthday is the party! Wanting to make sure it's the best birthday party ever, Jewel decides this year she's going to throw one for herself to make sure every last detail is perfect.

She visits her friends to get the perfect items. First, Jewel asks Dot if she can make some special decorations for the party, but Dot reveals that she is all out of the special paper. A little sad, Jewel goes to her next destination, not hearing Dot as she tries to tell her something.

At Crumbs' house, Jewel asks if she could make her most favorite cake for the party but Crumbs doesn't have the ingredients to make the cake. Jewel tries to reason with her, asking if she could make cookies, a small cake, or even a single cupcake but she didn't even have enough for that.

Jewel then visits Peanut, who she had asked to be the party's entertainment. Unfortunately Peanut has a cold! Peanut thinks that someone else should be the entertainment while Jewel insists it's okay, though she is disappointed while leaving.

Totally hopeless, Jewel returns home later that day when she notices Kitty sitting on the floor. She picks Kitty up and expresses her joy that at least one person is there to celebrate with her when suddenly the lights come on.

Everybody is there! Jewel is surprised as Dot explains that her decorations had been the reason why she was out of paper earlier, and Crumbs shows Jewel the quadruple layer cake she made. Peanut then juggles while balancing as Jewel begins to realize that everybody had made up excuses in order to surprise her for her birthday!

Jewel thanks everybody for making this the best birthday party ever.


Jewel: "It's here! It's finally here! Today's my birthday!"

Jewel: "Hi, Dot!"

Dot: "Uhh, come in?"

Jewel: "Can you make those cool moon decorations out of your special silver paper?"

Dot: "I'm sorry, but I'm out of silver paper!"

Jewel: "Never mind!"

Dot: "Err, goodbye?"

Jewel: "Can you make that double layer chocolate cake?"

Crumbs: "I'm sorry, but I'm all out of sugar!"

Jewel: "Can't you make just one small cake? Some cookies? One, little, tiny cupcake?"

Crumbs: "Good luck!..And Happy Birthday!"

Jewel: "You can sing, dance and tell jokes!"

Peanut: "Achoo! I'm sorry, Jewel, but I have a cold! Maybe someone else should be the party entertainment!"

Jewel: "Bye! Hope you get better soon!"

Jewel: "At least you can help celebrate my birthday, Kitty."

All: "Surprise!"

Dot: "Do you like the decorations?"

Jewel: " you made Moons and stars and planets!? Wow, Dot!"

Crumbs: "I made your favourite. Chocolate cake! Not double layer, not even triple layer, but quadruple layer!"

Peanut: "And now, A very special act I practiced just for you!"

Jewel: "So you did want to help me throw a party!"




  • The very first line in the entire webisode series is spoken by Jewel Sparkles.
  • If the candles on the cake indicate anything, then Jewel Sparkles is turning 8 in this webisode. However later the cake has 10 candles. So most likely the candles are just decoration, not representing age.
  • It's unknown how Jewel managed to get the piece of cake so cleanly without making a mess.
  • This was the first establishment in Lalaloopsy animation.
  • Jewel is the first animated Lalaloopsy EVER!



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