If You Believed In You is a song from the 45-minute movie "Lalaloopsy: Band Together".

It is sung primarily by Jewel Sparkles (with accompaniment from Sticks Boom Crash, Strings Pick 'N' Strum, Bea Spells-a-Lot, Dot Starlight, and Spot Splatter Splash) to encourage a fear-stricken Keys Sharps 'N Flats in the later half of the movie.


When I look at you I see,
so much possibility.
Forget your doubts,just set them free.
Your future's bright, I guarantee.


When you play your song, i hear.
heavenly harmonies so crystal clear.
Please don't give up, don't disappear.
We're counting on you, to see it through.


Look at yourself, through my eyes.
Then you'd realize,
the only thing you've gotta do,
is believe like I believe in you.


If you believed,
like we believe.
If you believed,
in you.

If you believed in you,
like i believe in you.
You'd know you have the power,
to make your dreams come true.

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