"I'm a rambler" is a extradiegetic song (Only the public can hear it) featured on the episode "Forest Finds a Stray" from the Netflix Series. It was sung by Storm E. Sky while she searchs for poodle along with Forest Evergreen.


[Storm E. along with a Chorus]
Got that "by-myself" feeling,
and nothing to say.
Being on my own, makes it all ok.

Too many words, just get in my way.
I make my own way,
No rules for this stray.

'Cause i'm a rambler (Chorus: 'Cause i'm a rambler).
I Ramble on,
and on (x10).
[The chorus stops singing]

Hard to admit, this stray is lonely,
Maybe one day you'll make me see.
Life could be amazing,
When it's you plus me.

'Cause even a stray,
Needs a place to be.

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