Home Is Where The Heart Is (Credited officially as You are home to me) is a song featured on the episode "Cat and Cat are Lost" from the Netflix Series "We're Lalaloopsy". It's sung by Storm E. along with Jewel as a message for their lost cats.


[Storm E.]
As long as we're together,
there's no storm we cannot weather.

When you're with me,
you have always got a friend.

You can travel far and wide some,
but that feeling you can't hide from.
Is that home is where your journey's meant to end.


[Storm E.]
Doesn't feel the same without you,
i'm just hoping you're about to.
Just come strolling right on back to me.

And i know if i don't find out
What i did to make you walk out?
Being home will never feel complete.


[Both of them]
Home is where the heart is.
Home is where your friends are.
Home is where you know you are happiest and free.

A place that you are pride of,
home is home and you are home to me.

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