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Holly Sleighbells
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Sewn on December 1st
Sewn from A Real Elf's Costume
Pet Reindeer

Holly Sleighbells is the jolliest and most festive resident in Lalaloopsy Land! She's a handy helper, who loves making lists, wrapping presents, and being good... most of the time! Her name is based off of the traditional festive plant, as well as the bells on a sleigh that make a joyful sound when they ring!

About Holly


Fabric Pattern - Holly Sleighbells
Holly Sleighbells has fair skin and bright pink cheeks and her eyes are common black. Holly's hair is a light blond color worn in two messy pigtails at the top of her head, held on each side with a red ribbon.

Holly's attire consists of a light green one piece top and puff-bottoms with red spike-lined cuffs and collar. Around her waist is a red belt with gold buckle and a red tulle skirt with darker red spots printed on it. Holly also has white and red striped stockings and green elf boots.


Holly Sleighbells has a cute reindeer with a small red nose and normal black button eyes. It has a small antler with holly leaves by the ear. Its saddle-piece and ornament around its wrist and back leg seem to be made of frosting.



  • December 1st is National Mistletoe Day.
  • She shares her birthday with Snowy Fairest.

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