Lalaloopsy Land has many holidays & events, as seen in the series & movies.

Joyful Holiday (as seen in Holly's Joyful Holiday)-Probably the Lalaloopsy version of Christmas.

Knick Knack Knock Day (as seen in the Knick Knack Knock Knock epiosode-A spooky holiday based off of Scraps' love for making & giving 'knick knacks". It is the Lalaloopsy version of Halloween.

Annual Festival of Sugary Sweets (as seen in the Festival of Sugary Sweets movie)-An event where the best bakers in Lalaloopsy Land come together to show off their baked sugary treats.

Button Harvest (as seen in Criss Cross Crisis)-A yearly event where the Lalaloopsies celebrate buttons and their many uses. It is run by Jewel, Some of the Lalas have jobs. Spot makes the decorations, Peanut does the entertainment, Sunny harvests the buttons, and Pickles makes the food. The symbol of the Button Harvest is the Golden Button. Every year, Jewel tells everyone what their jobs are on the phone, even though they already know them. But Cat messes up the lines and Peanut gets Sunny's job, Sunny gets Peanut's job, Spot gets Pickles' job, and Pickles gets Spot's job.

Winter Fest- (as seen in A Storm E. Holiday episode of the Netflix Series) The residence would send secret gifts to each other, probably the lalaloopsy version of Christmas.


  • Holly could be the Lalaloopsy version of Santa.

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