Screen handseek
Hide & Seek is a Lalaloopsy minigame staring the Lalaloopsy girls as you help them try to find their items that are "hiding" in the scenery behind them.

Also feel free to check out the Online Games page on the official Lalaloopsy website.


This game is a simple point and click. As you move around the image, the scenery will move slightly in order to give you a better sight. There are three modes, easy, medium, and hard. Each with a different character. They look for the following items:

  • Crumbs: Owl, Spoons, Oven Mitt, Mushroom, Cracker/cookie, spatula, rubber spatula, Star cookie cutters, cupcake, lolipop.
  • Peanut: Yarn, Flag, Cotton Candy, Clown, Bycicle, Drum, Ferris Wheel, Zebra, Megaphone, Top Hat.
  • Dot: Astronaut, Spaceship, Sheep, Satalite, Disco ball, odd object, binnoculars, planet, sky telescope, another strange object.



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