Harmony B. Sharp was first released in August 2012 as the first ever talking-singing-dancing-giggling Silly Hair Star, which was her own separate category in the Silly Hair large doll spin off line.


Silly Hair Star Doll

Line: Silly Hair
Release: August 2012
Doll(s) included: Silly Hair Star Harmony B. Sharp
Piece(s) included:
  • Kitty rattle
  • Doll stand
  • Top hat piece
  • Pigtail hair piece
  • Loops hair piece
  • Swirls hair piece
  • Two long curly hair pieces
  • Clear hair accessory pouch
Description: Harmony B. Sharp as a Silly Hair Star doll, the first merchandise for this character. The doll is battery-operated and must be inserted into her stand for her to dance and move properly. Her dialogue varies and corresponds with the silly hair piece that is inserted into her head. She has an on/off/demo switch on her back and a play button on her chest. Her pet kitty can be shaken like a rattle.

Series 9

Line: Mini
Release: October 2012
Doll(s) included: Series 9 Harmony B. Sharp
Piece(s) included:
  • Kitty
  • Flower bouquet
  • Mic stand
  • Sign
Description: Harmony B. Sharp's first mini, copies the look of her signature Silly Hair Star doll.
Trivia: The hair pieces on Harmony's mini are non-removable unlike her Silly Hair Star doll.

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