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Haley Galaxy
Haley Galaxy (New)
Sewn on February 12th
Sewn from An Unidentified Shiny Object
Pet Green Alien

Haley Galaxy is Lalaloopsy Land's very own extraterrestrial! She is a quirky alien girl who loves to make wishes! She can often be found making wishes on shooting stars or collecting sparkly moon rocks. With a bounce in her step and stars in her eyes, Haley is out of this world! Her name is based off of Halley's Comet and being an intergalactic space alien.

About Haley


Haley is a glowing green skinned girl with normal black button eyes and bright, pale pink cheeks. She has short bright blue colored hair with her bangs being very wavy with few curls and pigtails worn with very small spring pieces. She has dark pink bobbers on curly silver antennae on the top of her head.

Haley's outfit is complex, consisting of a platinum sequin dress with dark pink belts around her chest and lighter pink lining that matches a pale pink sequined skirt under the top layer. She also wears dark pink bloomers and pink leg-warmer pieces attached to her silver and hot pink shoes.

Originally in her prototype, Haley had a few differences:

  • A more flashy outfit
  • Taller boots worn with dark pink socks.
  • Gloves
  • Her pigtails were much more loose and had giant coiled springs holding them.
  • Her antennae were much bigger and looked to be made of real springs instead of plastic.


Her pet is a bright neon yellow-green alien with big black button eyes and small fangs. It wears a magenta bow on one of its antennae.


Haley's home is a grounded flying saucer. The terrain beneath her saucer seems to have an abundance of craters which mimic those on the surface of the moon. The trees in the area are decorated in bits & bobs as well as random dishes and discs. A mirror ball object with a ring around it is present in the sky's horizon.


  • February 12th is Extraterrestrial Visitor Day.
  • She was most likely named after Halley's Comet.
  • Her theme may be based on MGA Entertainment's Novi Stars as she has a similarity to the Novi Stars character Mae Tallick.
  • Haley is one of the few Lalaloopsy to have a non-regular skin color.
  • She is the only alien Lalaloopsy Doll.
  • She is one of the few Lalaloopsys to have a pet with a mouth and fangs.

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